James E. Ward Jr.

James E. Ward Jr. is a pastor, author, visionary, and entrepreneur who has emerged as a mainstream, conscionable voice of spiritual and moral truth. With more than 32 years of experience in media and production, James was appointed Chairman/CEO of TLN Media in June 2023.

Because of his unique Zero Victim, Biblical perspective, his involvement is highly sought after by corporate, government, and thought leaders, and on mainstream media outlets to mitigate the complex racial, cultural, and socio-political challenges of our day.

Along with his wife Sharon, James is pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church near Chicago, President of James Ward Ministries, and founder of National Prayer Altar at Museum of the Bible.

James and Sharon have been married for twenty-three years and have two wonderful children serving in ministry with them, Hannah and Jonathan.

Sharon Ward

Sharon Ward is the co-pastor of INSIGHT Church and Vice-Chairman of TLN Media. She is a loving wife, mother, entrepreneur, and a gifted speaker with deep love for God and deep passion for people.

As a woman of faith and prayer, Sharon is known for breaking barriers in organizations, brokering successful business deals, managing operations, and setting new standards in her extensive involvement in spiritual and cultural initiatives. She is co-founder of National Prayer Altar at Museum of the Bible and founder of the Bella Grace Women’s Ministry.

Sharon’s passion in ministry has always been to love hurting people and care for those who are disadvantaged in life, by facilitating outreach ministries, foreign missions, and benevolent enterprises.

Sharon openly admits that the most fulfilling part of her life is serving her husband, and modeling excellence to her two children, Hannah and Jonathan.

Debra Fraser

Debra Fraser serves as President of TLN Media. Her television and media ministry experience expands over 40 years. Debra began her career with TLN Media when called upon to launch the ministry’s San Francisco full power broadcast station where she would later be named General Manager. During her career she built the ministry’s Affiliate Network of stations sharing programming to over 100 like-minded outlets. Under her leadership, TLN Media received several awards from the National Religious Broadcasters Association (NRB) including Full Power Broadcast Station of the Year over multiple years. TLN Media has received many Emmy awards including one for a program People Like You, a program she hosted. She serves on the NRB Television Committee, Board of Directors, the Executive Team, and currently chairs the Public Policy and Awards Committees.   


Debra enjoys helping young people get started in media having volunteered early in production and promotions at her church’s cable channel. That lead to her becoming an executive with Family Christian Broadcasting (FCB) where she helped launch KFCB TV 42 in Concord, California. In her nearly 12 years with the ministry, she would become General Operations Manager with oversite of their group of three stations. Here she would also serve as program director and executive producer for more than a dozen programs including a live nightly two-hour broadcast. 

She appreciates all aspects of each role she has held whether in oversite or on the creative side. Whether in a business setting or interviewing leaders from all over the world, her passion is to provide an opportunity for every person on the planet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ through media. She works to facilitate vital industry relationships, ministry partnerships, and ultimately the opportunity to build bridges with viewers and supporters. 

Since childhood, Debra has been part of church and para church communities valuing her faith and passion to share Christ. Career choices are influenced by a desire to help people live healthy productive lives centered in Christ. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jack. Together they have two daughters, Kristen and Brooke, who they consider to be their greatest achievements and most cherished friends. Their sons-in-law Drew and Marc are added blessings.  

Jerry Rose
Chairman Emeritus

Jerry Rose, recently retired, continues to serve as Board Chairman emeritus of TLN Media after 40 years as the Chairman of the Board and President/CEO of Total Living International. Jerry is an Ordained minister, former Television host and speaker. He is the author of five books including Deep Faith for Dark Valleys, Significant Living… A Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life, Success, are we missing the mark and Living the Life you want.

Jerry has been personally honored with numerous awards including being a recent inductee into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame, The NRB distinguished Service award, the NRB Milestone Award, an inductee into The Silver Circle of Chicago Broadcasters from National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the National Achievement Award for Radio, Television and Film from the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Gutenberg Award from the Chicago Bible Society and numerous others.

Jerry served on the Executive Committee of the NRB for over 25 years and as its President for three years. He is currently a member of the NRB Board of Governors. He also served for two years as the President of the West Central Association, a business association working with the City of Chicago on the redevelopment of the West side of downtown Chicago. As a retiree Jerry collaborates with his wife Shirley on a column for Today’s Christian Magazine, enjoys golf, shooting sports and Photography. He and Shirley have 20 grandkids and 5 great grandkids. And finally Jerry has traveled extensively throughout both East and Western Europe and the Middle east with specific interest in Israel.

Marc Whitmore
MWO Management
Curtis Wallace
General Counsel


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