Our History

As a broadcast television station founded by Owen Carr, WCFC’s call letters proclaimed its mission of “Winning Chicagoland For Christ.” Since signing on the air in 1976 as Chicago’s first Christian television station, WCFC has provided airtime to a wide variety of Christian programmers and pastors looking to reach people for Christ outside the doors of their churches or ministries. But WCFC did more than that.

In 1979, Jerry Rose succeeded Owen Carr as President/CEO. The station led the way by being a content provider as well, producing thousands of hours of original content in the form of news programs, talk shows, children’s programs, prayer events, women’s shows, health programs, music and variety programs, documentaries, and special programs to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of its audience. Because of the station’s holistic ministry, its name was rightfully changed to Total Living Network.

In the early 2000’s, TLN expanded its reach further by producing several Christian-themed films and national television series and specials. TLN’s original programming has reached international markets through partnerships with Alpha Omega television in Romania and SAT 7 in the Middle East. TLN’s commitment to excellence has earned numerous local and national awards, including over 30 Emmy Awards.

After 48 years in broadcast media, Jerry Rose entered retirement on June 9, 2023, and assumed a new role as Chairman Emeritus of TLN’s Board. The Board unanimously named James E. Ward Jr. as Chairman/CEO, and Sharon L. Ward as Vice-Chairman to succeed Jerry’s leadership and carry TLN into the future.

With a fresh vision to build a multi-generational ministry and reach an emerging generation with culturally-relevant content, James and Sharon rebranded Total Living Network as TLN Media.

Today, TLN Media leverages the power of broadcast, digital, and social media to reach millions of viewers and listeners across America and around the world.

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