About TLN Media

First established in 1976 as a single television station, TLN Media is a global Christian broadcast and digital communications company, that exists to provide a platform that distributes culturally-relevant content from a Biblical worldview. Our aim is to educate and entertain a multi-generational audience with trusted and hopeful content grounded in Biblical truth.

Our program line-up includes award-winning original shows, local and national talk and teaching programs, faith-based movies and entertainment, children’s programs, and much more.

Based in Chicago and San Francisco, TLN Media reaches millions of viewers across America and around the world. Our values of integrity, diversity, and relationship guide everything we do. We are committed to providing our viewers with culturally-relevant content that is designed to give them a fresh outlook on life and cultivate spiritual growth.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 45 years

Recognized by industry leaders for excellence in broadcasting

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